Environment Museum of Stymphalia
Peloponnese boasts a history of millennia, where a lot of important civilizations flourished and left their mark. Over the centuries, Greek myths blossomed and many of these myths took place in the area. So people from all over the world listened to these stories and still do, bringing shape to places like Lake Stymphalia. 
Lake Stymphalia is a prominent wetland in Corinth, located on the southern part of Peloponnese.
The lake has been world famous due to Hercules and the Sixth Labor that he had to overcome, in order to please King of Mycenae Eurystheus.
According to Greek mythology, Lake Stymphalia was home to some gruesome man-eating birds that had metal beaks and destroyed farms, crops and of course threatened men. 

Hercules managed to defeat the Stymphalian birds, as was their name, with the help of Goddess Athena. After slaying some of the birds, the rest flew away and the people at the wetlands were able to enjoy farming life once more. Of course, nowadays Lake Stymphalia is a place of exemplary natural beauty. It is home to various forms of life, including rare species of animals and plants. 
It is worth visiting Lake Stymphalia, not only because of the legendary history related to Hercules. On the contrary, it is also a marvelous place where nature’s bliss is so eloquently depicted. The Environment Museum of Stymphalia will introduce you to life on the shores of the mythical lake and it is definitely interesting to discover. 
The site is easily accessible from Xylokastro and Arion Hotel, making it a great stop at a daily trip filled with explorations of the wider area.
Environment Museum of Stymphalia
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