Enjoy your stay in
a strategic spot
Within close proximity to Athens, Xylokastro is a picturesque town attracting both locals and travelers from all over the world. You will be able to reach Arion Hotel in about 115 kilometers, which makes it an easily accessible destination via car or any other means of transportation. There is smooth connectivity to Xylokastro by bus or train, departing and arriving to the town on a daily basis and serving the needs of those who wish to explore the area. 

Arion Hotel is located on the beachfront, overlooking the Corinthian Gulf and offering guests a wonderful opportunity to dive in the crystal clear waters or soak under the sun on the sandy beach. The world renowned pine forest of Pefkias is just next to the hotel, offering a breath of fresh air blended with the salty breeze from the beach bearing the same name. Strolling in the pine forest is an experience on its own! 

From the hotel, guests may easily explore the town of Xylokastro or head to the major sights and attractions nearby, with the lovely town of Nafplio and the ancient site of Mycenae being just an hour's drive away.  You may also reach Corinth Canal and Lake Stymphalia, as well as the prominent site of Ancient Corinth. 
Enjoy your stay in a strategic spot, unveiling the beauties and hidden treasures of Peloponnese!
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